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    Who we are


    Amplify the AI-related research activities of the University of Alberta community.

    Build learning pacity in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

    Cultivate pathways of engagement with the community at large.

    170 Researchers – 11 Faculties



    Dr. Eleni Stroulia


    Professor – Computing Science
    Acting Vice Dean, Faculty of Science


    Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell

    Associate Director

    Professor – Philosophy / Digital Humanities Director – Kule Institute for Advanced Study


    Dr. Nicolás Arnáez

    Project Coordinator

    Assistant Lecturer
    Faculty of Arts – Music Department



    Find an Expert

    Look for a researcher that works on artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science in a specific field.

    Simply type a keyword below and you will find all the AI4Society members working in that area!

    Then click further to be taken to their Forum profile

    Become a Member

    Are you a researcher or student at the University of Alberta?

    Does your current research relate to artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science?

    Or, are you interested in developing or participating in a project in this area?

    Student Groups

    Looking to get involved in extracurricular activities that relate to artificial intelligence?
    Check out these student groups within the University of Alberta.

    Undergraduate Artificial
    Intelligence Society
    Digital Law & Innovation Society
    Aerial Robotics Group
    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
    Student Society

    Students for Machine Learning in Business
    Youreka nada

    Our Initiatives


    Interdisciplinary research activities, involving large research teams across mpus (from several departments and faculties) addressing “grand challenge” problems and pursuing major federal and international grants.

    Ademic Programs

    Teaching and learning initiatives, aimed at developing new materials, workshops, courses, micro-credentials, certifites or programs in the area.


    Collaborative activities between units within the University of Alberta or with outside organizations, including businesses, government, and non-governmental organizations.


    Exploratory projects by a small group of researchers.

    Courses and Programs

    Want to learn more about artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data science?

    Search our talogue for courses offered at the University of Alberta in the Fall and Winter semesters.

    ?? News and Events

    Go to our events page to learn about future, ongoing and past events organized by AI4Society

    Read our Tweets

    University of Alberta

    Timely Opportunities

    Stay informed about our Grants, Funding Opportunities, ll for Works, and similar activities!